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AKC Slide Show on Basenjis

Kinte Cloth


The Slide Show

This slide show was put together with great care in a collaboration between the American Kennel Club and the Basenji Club of America in 1983.  It is based on the 1954 Basenji Standard.  The Standard was revised in 1990 to add the brindle and white color and to update the format.  The meaning of the standard was not meant to change.  The changes were for clarification and the additional color so that this slide show is still pertinent. Please note: This presentation is intended as an aid for those interested in learning more about the Basenjis. It in no way constitutes a change in the official standard of the Basenji.

The actual slide show is quite long and a very large file so it has been broken into sections for you to view on the screen of your computer.


Characteristics and General Appearance

Head and Skull, Nose, Eyes, Ears and Mouth

Neck, Forequarters, Feet and Chest

Body, Hindquarters and Tail

Coat and Color

Weight and Size


Final Comments



This Workbook covers all the material in Course #401— both the 1990 Official Standard and the AKC Slide Show which is based on the earlier standard.

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The American Kennel Club maintains the copyright on this slide show.  BCOA is grateful for being allowed to use it for the Basenji University.

We are indebted to the Basset Hound Club of America for the use of their Basset Hound University templates.