Basenji Myths

The stories behind some basenji myths are covered in this AKC Gazette column by Marcia Woodard. Read it here.

It's Happening Now

Entries have closed for BCOA National events. Visit Foy Trent Dog Shows for the schedule and then to see the results.  

Breeders Interviewed

Between 2006 and 2012 The Basenji magazine published an interesting series:  "Meet Your Breeder." The interviews are reproduced in PDF format at the Basenji University.

1843 Basenji in UK

A painting of three dogs belonging to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert by artist T. M. Joy shows a basenji.  Read More  


MABC at Canine Learning Experience

MABC in Allentown

Affiliate Club, Mid Atlantic Basenji Club wins first prize in the booth decorating contest in Allentown, PA  at the Canine Leaning Experience with theme "The Basenji in America". Leebeth Cranmer with Pilot, Barb Narehood with Zuri, Dennis Narehood with Stari and Jane Johnson with the ribbon.


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