BCOA Versatile Basenji Program  

It's about getting active with your basenji.  It's about trying new sports and activities.  It's about training, practice, competition, and teamwork.  It's about excelling and surpassing goals.

Welcome to the basenji of the 21st century - exploding breed myths and preconceptions that created barriers to imagining novel sporting goals.

Yes, basenjis can do Conformation and Coursing.  But basenjis can also do Agility, and Racing, and Rally Obedience, and Nosework.  And guess what?  Basenjis can do Barn Hunt, and Farm Dog, and Obedience, and Weight Pulling too!  And they are doing it with confidence and success, even against other breeds!

We always knew basenjis were smart.  Smart like a fox?  Nah. Smart like a basenji!  And just beginning to show all the facets of their talents and skills!

Is this the year you learn about your basenji's  versatility?

Best of the Best!

Versatile Basenji Excellent Awardees

Scarlett (2014)

FC Apu PINache RN NA NAJ NF RS-N SC THD FCh SGRC2 SORC JOR CGC TDIA (Ranked 50 or above in Top Dogs All Breed Lifetime SGRC & Ranked in top 50 All Breed Lifetime SORC

owned by Susan Marsicano

Rusty (2015)

Vinaka's XIV Karat Goldn Boy FCh SGRC SORC NAJ OA NW1 PD

owned by Jan Cook & Andy Hayek



Domino (2016)

GCHG DC Can. GCH Akuaba N Eldorado's Speed Shot MC CA RATO ORC 

owned by Jane Johnson


Fern (2016)


owned by Susan Marsicano


About the Versatile Basenji Program

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The Versatile Basenji Program was created in 2003 in response to BCOA member interest. It recognizes all basenjis - show, athletes, and pets.  The program is designed to reward the lifetime accomplishments of your dog.  So relax - you have years in which to try many different activities with your basenji! 


Individuals who meet the requirements of the Basenji Versatility Program will receive a BCOA medallion and personalized certificate listing the dog's name, owners' names, award level achieved and date of award. Please note that a dog will receive only ONE BCOA medallion in its lifetime, while it may receive advancing levels of certificates.


The Versatile Basenji Program maintains an "Honor Roll" of all dogs qualifying for the Versatile Basenji Program, including:  name of the dog, name of the owners, highest level achieved, and the year it was received.  We'll even include a photo of your dog "in action!"  Each year, the newest awardees on the  "Versatile Basenji Program Honor Roll" are published in the BCOA Bulletin Yearbook in order to recognize those dogs and handlers who have succeeded in demonstrating their versatility and thereby invite enthusiasm for working with the basenji.


The Basenji Versatility Program celebrates our intelligent and adaptable breed and the special human-animal bond we have with them.  





Getting Started        

Getting started is as simple as finding an activity you enjoy doing with your basenji.  The Versatile Basenji Program recognizes a wide spectrum of activities and achievements (see the Titles list). To find out more about each award level's requirements click on Award levels .  Your general questions are answered in our FAQ.  And to get inspired by the many basenjis that have already demonstrated that our breed really can do just about anything, check out the Honor Roll!


Mail your completed application to: Kristine Dougherty, BCOA Versatile Basenji Program, 1006 Waverly Rjoad, Tallahassee, FL  32312-2814

  Best of luck in the ring!