BCOA Versatile Basenji Program 

(rev. 2014)

Welcome to the updated, expanded, and member-approved program!  

The BCOA Performance Events Committee gratefully thanks BCOA members for their overwhelming support and approval of the 2014 proposal!  Learn how your basenji can earn an award via the links below.  Please note that you have until December 1, 2015 to continue making applications under the old program structure (click here for more info).

About the Versatile Basenji Program (rev. 2014)     

Award Criteria & Program Application 



Please mail applications to:  

Kristine Dougherty

BCOA Versatile Basenji Program
1006 Waverly Road
Tallahassee, FL  32312-2814

Titles List

"Honor Roll" of Award Recipients

New Program Frequently Asked Questions


Highlights of the Versatile Basenji Program (rev. 2014) include:

The number of Award recognition levels has been expanded from three to seven including three new award levels for folks just getting started in multiple activities and a new elite award level for outstanding lifetime achievers. 

The 2014 program offers two options for achieving awards at the more advanced levels one path for people who like to try lots of different activities, and one path for folks who prefer to specialize in a few activities.

The number of Categories in which activities can be achieved has increased from nine to 11.

New sports have been added including nose work, barn hunt, backpacking, herding, and treibbal.

 Many new organizations offering titles have been added within categories like agility, conformation, public service & community outreach, and weight pulling.

Grand Champion titles in Conformation earn credit toward more advanced award levels.

AKC Preferred Agility titles now earn equal credit to the regular agility classes.

Dogs who participate in public education events and new backpacking venues receive credit toward awards.

The 2014 program offers credit for over 500 titles across 24 different canine sports and activities.

Any basenji, living or deceased, can receive these awards.