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Welcome to the Basenji Club of America

The place to learn about Basenjis with information presented by their biggest fans!

The goal of this website is to offer information about Basenjis for the general public.  The second function is to offer a place where Basenji fanciers from across the country, and indeed across the world can be updated on what the Basenji Club of America is up to in its endeavors to assist the breed and its fanciers.

About Basenjis

The link to About Basenjis has information about their personalities, how they are to live with and where you can find breeders who are BCOA members.  There is information on basenji history and health. There links for finding someone in your state to help find or place a rescue.  Also find some fun things to try with basenjis.

Basenji University

The Basenji University offers information that will be helpful for potential owners, owners, breeders and judges.


We have some nice things available at our Online Shop so take a look.  There is something for everyone here.  Specialty videos and Bulletin advertising can be paid via PayPal.

About BCOA

The objective of BCOA is to promote and protect basenjis as well as to encourage participation in the breed.  This link has information on joining BCOA, contacting affiliated clubs and club programs and publications.  Judges education and breed mentors can also be found here.


Here you will find information about Club business and how to contact club volunteers.  Additionally there are tremendous resources in our archives.


The Contacts link will take you to contact information for Club volunteers as well as other related links that you might find of interest.  There are two AKC feeds with health information.



2024 National Specialty

7-12 October
Purina Farm, Gray Summit, Missouri

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