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Cole, Robert W., 1977. The Basenji Illustrated: An Illustrated Explanation of the Basenji Breed Standard, limited first edition published by author and reissued 1978, published by the author, 118 pages.  1987, The Basenji Stacked and Moving: An Illustrated Explanation Based on the Basenji Standard, published by the author, 188 pages.  Reissued in 1996 published by Doral Publishing.

Coe, Susan, 1990,The Basenji, Out of Africa to You, Doral Publishing, 341 pages. Reissued in 1994 and updated in 2000.

Ford, Elspet, 1993, The Complete Basenji, Ringpress, 160 pages

Veronica Tudor-Williams, 1946, Basenjis, The Barkless Dog. This is the book that everyone depends on for the earliest history of the breed.  1946 is the red cover edition. Additional publications dates are 1954 and 1966. The 1954 edition has new photos that were not in the 1946 edition. 1976 Veronica Tudor-Williams revises and updates "Basenjis, The Barkless Dogs of Central Africa." (Published by David & Charles. London.)  Due to publisher's errors in the preparation Veronica issues an addendum.

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