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Introducing Basenjis

This section offers tools to help you to decide if a Basenji is the right breed for you and if so, how to find one.

The Basenji breed is one that people tend to think is perfect for a pet or totally impossible.  They seem to be one of the smartest or one of the dumbest breeds depending on your outlook.

We love the breed, but we want to be sure that you are the right sort of person; your family is the right sort of family for Basenjis before you begin the adventure of living with a Basenji or two!

Basenji Rescue

Many folks may think dogs that end up in rescue are in some way inferior.  Most are dogs that were simply the wrong choice for a family. 

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Owners Guide

This Guide will prove invaluable in answering the many questions you have about this fascinating and unique breed. Topics include personality and physical traits as well as the proper training, grooming and health care of the Basenji.  See the Owners Guide at the Basenji University!

Health Information

Basenjis are a natural breed and are relatively healthy.  Like all breeds, there are disorders that may occur more often in this breed than in dogs in general, or that are uncommon but known or suspected to be inherited.

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Basenji History

The Basenji...the African Barkless Dog is a well-defined breed created by nature many years ago.  The Basenji has associated with man since long before the building of the pyramids.  This fascinating hound is still used as a hunting dog by people in Africa to this day.  Learn more about the history of the Basenji from its beginnings in Africa to its modern life at the Basenji Timeline.

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