Young tri-color basenji Basenjis are not for everyone, and despite their appeal, the demands of owning this active, intelligent hound can be daunting to a first time Basenji owner.

Mismatches are one of the top reasons Basenjis wind up in rescue situations.  Sometimes families did not really consider or understand the time and effort required to raise a lively Basenji puppy.  A variety of other situations may arise that necessitate placement of a Basenji with a new owner.  Rescue helps find new homes for these Basenjis or will help the family with advice on how to keep their Basenji.

The following BCOA volunteers are willing to be contacted to provide local assistance to Basenjis in need of adoption.  Sometimes, this will involve referring and/or screening potential adopters, locating foster homes, and getting appropriate medical care for Basenjis in crisis situations.  Keep in mind that email occasionally goes down or people go out of town.  If you do not get an answer in a reasonable amount of time, contact one of the committee members listed below, and we will try to contact that person or refer you to the nearest alternate.

Additionally you can contact a regional Basenji club.  A list of clubs affiliated with BCOA can be obtained at main menu item "About BCOA" > "Affiliated Clubs".

Click below to find a contact in your area:

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