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Basenjis just being themselves offer endless entertainment.  You might also enjoy taking up some activities with your basenji.  The College of Basenji Activities describes how to start taking part in coursing, agility, rally, obedience and more with your basenji.

Have a young person in your home, here is a downloadable basenji oriented Coloring Book.  Each page also offers some useful information about being a basenji owner.

People have sent in some very cute photos of their basenjis and we have put them together in this gallery for you to enjoy.

Photo Gallery

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  • 03_K_McNeill.jpg
  • 04-R-Christensen.jpg
  • 05-L-Stargell.jpg
  • 06-N-Russell.jpg
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  • 08-J-L-Stewart.jpg
  • 09-G-Woodard.jpg
  • 10-Photo-C-Kirk.jpg

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