The Basenji Health Endowment

About BHE

The Basenji Health Endowment is an I.R.S. Section 501 (c)(3) Public Charity founded by the Basenji Club of America in 1991 as a tool for collecting money and granting it to qualified researchers or institutions working on Basenji-related health issues. The Basenji Health Endowment's status as a federally tax-exempt public charity is an incentive to give, because donations are tax deductible, to the extent permitted by federal law.


To promote, further and facilitate health research that will benefit and help to ensure the continued survival of the Basenji dog as an unique breed. Additionally, the Endowment serves to educate the general public and fanciers concerning hereditary and non-hereditary health conditions affecting the Basenji dog, and the need for ongoing health research concerning these conditions. 


Currently, the Basenji Health Endowment, in conjunction with the Basenji Club of America and the AKC Canine Health Foundation, is funding the Genetic Study of PRA in Basenjis. The research is headed by Gary Johnson, DVM, PhD at the University of Missouri, Columbia..


Direct tests for Basenji night blindness, a form of PRA and Fanconi syndrome have been successfully developed with help from the BHE and support from the Basenji fancy. Over 7,000 Basenjis worldwide have been tested for Fanconi syndrome..


If you would like to donate directly to the Basenji Health Endowment please contact President Pat Marshall or Laura Mae Hesse for instructions.

Donations may be mailed to:

The Basenji Health Endowment, Inc.

C/o Laura Mae Hesse, Treasurer

278 W. Washington St.

Poynette, WI   53955 

Officers and Board of Directors

President: Pat Marshall

Vice-President: Julie Hartigan

Secretary: Janet Ketz

Treasurer: Laura Mae Hesse


Jon Curby, Holly Hamilton, Karen Hutchison, Julie Jones, Veronica Predale-Nagy, Stella Sapios and Michael Work

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