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College of Basenji Activities

This College has articles about the fun and interesting things you can do with your Basenjis. It seems like there are more activities each year for you and your Basenji. Gone are the days when formal obedience and conformation were the only things to try!

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201 How Dogs Learn

Before you get started raising a puppy or beginning training for any activity you to understand how dogs learn.  Modern dog training has progressed incredibly over the years and the best results are obtained by using the newest methods.  this this easy to get a very basic understanding of dog training techniques.

Supplemental Reading — Article from the BCOA Bulletin: Building Blocks: Laying the Foundation for Performance by Linda Siekert.  Linda is one of our foremost performance event participants. She has written this article to help breeders and new puppy owners develop a basenji that knows how to learn. This upbringing will not just make good performance basenjis but good pets as well

203 AKC and ASFA Lure Coursing

The objective of lure coursing is to demonstrate the basenji's hunting ability in the field. Want to take part? A lure coursing enthusiast answers questions about lure coursing in this section.

Supplemental Reading — Article from the BCOA Bulletin:  Out of the Box about straight and oval tracking racing by Parry Tallmadge. An opportunity to learn a bit about the other forms of racing

204 Agility Events

An introduction to the fast growing and popular sport of agility.

Supplemental Reading — Article from the BCOA Bulletin: Working for Fun  by Alyce Sumita on "creating a happy go lucky, tail wagging, agility Basenji! I look forward to many, many unbearably happy years and exuberant runs with her."

205 Obedience and Rally

An introduction to Obedience and Rally explaining the value of the training, obedience history, getting started and the ins and outs of trials.

Supplemental Reading — Article from the BCOA Bulletin: What it takes to be Obedient. Brenda Phillips explains the classes in this article from the October-November-December 2013 BCOA Bulletin.206 Home Projects

206 Home Projects

There are a few projects for you to try out are at this link.

207 Hunting

There was a time when Basenjis were hunters in Africa. Now very few people actually hunt with their Basenjis although most of the dogs would like to. This article is from 1971 about training your Basenji for hunting.

208 Trick Dog

Your Basenji can earn titles by demonstrating his tricks to AKC.

209 Fast Cat

Another activity that will give your basenji both exercise and enjoyment.

210 Tracking

Tracking with your Basenji. This is an overview of the titles and training. Liza Lundell's has included personal experiences of training her Basenji, Amelia.

A Tracker's Journey. This article by Terry Cox Fielder appeared in the BCOA Bulletin (APR/MAY/JUN ’13). It reviews tracking titles and history.

211 Flyball

Flyball with a Basenji. Kate Harward had a breed first with the First Flyball Basenji Champion. Read about doing Flyball with a Basenji in this article reprinted from a 1999 Bulletin.

K9 Nose Work®

K9 Nose Work®. This article about nose work with basenjis appeared in the BCOA Bulletin (APR/MAY/JUN ’13).

299 Helpful Activities

Some useful tricks to teach your Basenji.



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