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College for Basenji Breeders

This College was developed for current and future Basenji breeders. It is the place to broaden your knowledge about general dog conformation, the Basenji standard and theories on breeding practices.

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302  The AKC Basenji Standard

The approved American Kennel Club Standard for the Basenji breed which took effect on June 28, 1990.

Please Note: These presentations are intended as an aid for those interested in learning more about the Basenjis.
They do not constitutes a change in the official standard of the Basenji in any way.

Introduction to the Basenji Standard  A brief illustrated description of the standard and explanation of terms used in the standard.

The Standard Dissected A detailed discussion of the Standard for current and future Basenji breeders. Each point in the standard is dissected, illustrated and discussed.


Standard Flashcards: Learn the Standard with Flash Cards


There is additional information about the Basenji standard in the College for Basenji Judges. You might like to look at them to get a more rounded interpretation of the standard.  Different people interpret the wording differently. 

303 Study Aids and Articles

These study aids and previously published articles represent a diversity of opinions and have been prepared at various times in the breed's history.

A page of animations and videos of trotting basenjis has been added. 

This course is also offered to Judges as #403.


304 Dog Breeding Articles

Articles on the science and art of breeding good dogs.


309 Useful Books About Basenjis

The books which attempt to explain the Basenji, about raising a Basenji and various compilations of titled Basenjis. You may want to visit the page devoted to books about Basenjis in Africa.

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