The Basenji University (BU) is a practical education concept. The goal is to provide home-study programs in Basenji breed education. The University is designed as an on-going school of learning in which courses on owning, breeding, competing with and judging Basenjis are available year round.

The Basenji University is dedicated to preserving the past and educating future breeders, owners, exhibitors and judges of the Basenji.


How is The Basenji University set up and which courses have been completed?

The University is divided into a system of “colleges.” The divisions are listed below. The University is offering one or more courses in each college at this time.


The Colleges:

Basenji Owners

Interested in getting a Basenji or living with the one you already have? This is the College to enter. Click HERE!

Basenji Activities

Basenji can participate in many activities and this is the College that covers getting started in lure coursing, obedience, agility, rally, etc. Click HERE!

Basenji Breeders

Have you decided to become more involved in Basenjis by becoming a breeder? You can obtain a deeper understanding of the breed standard and the art and science of dog breeding in this College. Click HERE!

Basenji Judges

All dog fanciers thinking of becoming judges for the Basenji breed should make a thorough study of the courses in this college. Click HERE!

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