2018 Membership Renewal


All members will receive a new account as your renewal is processed. 


Prefer using the Postal Service?

You can obtain a renewal form to print here. It includes all instructions.  If you are renewing using the regular postal service, your account will be manually set up by a volunteer and you should be recieing information about your login and password by email. 

Prefer Renewing Online?  Members renewing online will be creating a new account by selecting "Sign Up" in the Membership Plans and proceeding through payment.

This section allows current members to renew their memberships online. BCOA is establishing a new membership database. The information you supply here will be the basis for the database as well as allowing you to make the payment for the current year for your membership renewal via Paypal or as a guest on Paypal.  Take care to record your password for the future.

Breeder Directory

If you are a member and would like to be included in the online Breeder Directory, click the Breeder Directory option button as you fill out the form and the additional $25 fee will be added to your total.   Then download the Web Listing Form: All breeders requesting to be listed must sign/execute this release the first year of their web listing. This release will be kept on filed with the BCOA, for as long as the listing is renewed. If you fail to pay the annual renewal fee in any subsequent year, your release form will lapse and you will be required to submit a new listing form along with your payment in order to be re-listed. Download the Web Listing Form Here or download this form that allows digital signatures.

Do consider advertising in the Yearbook!

The BCOA prints an annual Yearbook that is very high quality. Learn how to advertise and pay online at this LINK.   Advertising must be to the editor by Febraury 25.

Not A Member?

Visit the page on membership to learn how to apply — Join BCOA!

Any person who has reached his or her 18th birthday and is a resident of the United States may become a regular member with full privileges from the date of membership.  Regular members may vote and may hold office.

Price: $25.00

is defined as membership held by two adult persons residing at the same address.  Each household member holds individual voting privileges.  Each household will receive just one subscription to the Bulletin, Bulletin Board and Roster.

Price: $35.00

Any person under 18 yeas of age is classed as a junior member.  Junior membership not in conjunction with regular single or household membership will receive a subscription to the Club Bulletin and Bulletin Board.  Junior members may not vote nor hold office.

Price: $10.00

Those who meet the requirements for regular membership but are not residents of the United States are eligible.  Foreign members may not vote, hold office, or sponsor new regular voting members. Foreign members may sponsor new non-voting Foreign members.  Two adults residing at the same address may have an Foreign Household membership.  

Those who are grandfathered in should use the Regular or Household Membership to insure their voting privileges.

Price: $25.00

Foreign Household Members

Price: $35.00

Login After Renewing

After you have renewed which sets your new account, this login will alllow you to update your details.
If you have a problem, contact We will process your request as quickly as our volunteers can.

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