New Native Stock

Avongara Kiri: The BOCA Board of Directors and the Club Membership have voted to support her registration.

New at the Basenji University

MovementThis study aid illustrates the side-view trot of a variety of real basenjis at stopped, slow motion and full speed.

Agility Record

Feigh with ribbon

"Feigh" and Linda Siekert have gained another first – MACH3. This is the highest award for a basenji to date in Agility. 

Title to Basenji Ambassador!

 Mary with her Therapy Basenjis

Team of Vixen & Mary Langula has achieved over 500 Therapy visits to receive Therapy Dog Distinguished title and a Gold Medal ― the highest award AKC offers in Therapy.

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Basenji Article

Dog News Magazine has published "Swift Almost Silent Serious Hunters" in their current issue, page 52.  Read the article about performance basenjis here.


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