Health Survey

In collaboration with the OFA, the BCOA Health Committee has designed a comprehensive survey of Basenji health. This survey is widely comprehensive, and includes every disease known in Basenjis, as well as quite a few unknowns. We encourage all breeders and owners to enter as many dogs as possible as soon as possible. The survey is time limited: it will end June 1, after which the data will be analyzed and presented to the Basenji public. The more dogs included, the more accurate our picture of breed health. All information is confidential and will be used only in the aggregate.

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BCOA in Florida

BCOA in Florida

 BOCA Information in Florida

BCOA member volunteers set up and manned the Club information booth during the National Championship events.

Extension Approved

The AKC Board has voted to extend the open registration period for Basenji imports from Africa to December 31, 2030 as requested by BCOA.

Collector Cards

2018 Card

The 2018 Card is available for purchase at the Online Shop.

New at B University 
Breeder Interview

Laurie Pond interviews Judy Cunningham, Vikentor Basenjis

Basenji Documentary

Making an appearance on YouTube is this documentary about Basenjis made by Zeke Dickson, featuring Carol Webb, Jay Webb, Connie Langford and Denise Searcy.

John Fulton Short

Image of Print

Four lithographs were produced in 1964 by John Fulton Short.  Read the story here!

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