Introducing Basenjis

This section offers tools to help you to decide if a Basenji is the right breed for you and if so, to find one.Basenjis look right into your soul - Photo: L. Baxter

The Basenji breed is one that people tend to think is perfect for a pet or totally impossible.  They seem to be one of the smartest or one of the dumbest breeds depending on your outlook.

We love the breed, but we want to be sure that you are the right sort of person; your family is the right sort of family for Basenjis before you begin the adventure of living with a Basenji or two!  Nature's Masterpiece is description of the breed written many years ago and beloved by fanciers.   Read Is A Basenji Right for Me? and the AKC Breed Flier for an introduction to Basenjis.  Additionally the Owners Guide starts with information about Basenji character and includes information on finding a breeder and raising a Basenji.

Don't miss our Photo Gallery where we show off our Basenjis through the published Front Page Photos.

The Basenji...the African Barkless Dog is a well-defined breed created by nature many years ago.  The Basenji has associated with man since long before the building of the pyramids.  This fascinating hound is still used as a hunting dog by people in Africa to this day.  Learn more about the history of the Basenji from its beginnings in Africa to its modern life at the Basenji History.

While Basenjis are typically healthy, long lived dogs, there are health issues known to the breed.  Great strides have been taken by responsible breeders to selectively reduce genetic disorders in the breed.  However, a thorough knowledge of known health problems is an essential part of Basenji ownership.  Please review our Basenji Health Information pages to learn more.  Breeders can learn about recommended health tests at this link.

Still interested, still think you are the right sort of person to have a Basenji living with you?  You can contact breeders through the Breeder Directory or rescue sources at the Rescue Information links.  The people here will be able to answer your remaining questions and help you find a Basenji.

The Coloring Book link is a fun place for kids to download coloring book pages to entertain themselves and teach them about the care of a Basenji.

Three Basenji puppies show off their wrinkles



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