Basenji Club of America Programs

BCOA has programs that are structured to achieve specific goals, with procedures or activities that address a purpose to the benefit of all Basenjis.

Here are some programs that you may find interesting.

Junior Activities

Juniors represent the future of Basenjis.  In addition to learning the mechanics of showing their Basenji, Juniors learn the importance of good sportsmanship.  Juniors can also compete in other events including coursing, agility, obedience and more.


Basenji with hunters in Africa - Photo: M. Work

African Stock Project

This Committee maintains data and information on original imports, both from the 1930s and later by tracking Basenji imports and their progeny.  The Committee maintains and revises the African Stock Project for the BCOA to keep the fancy abreast of news about African imports.  Click African Stock Project link at left to view these foundation dogs and a library of articles.


Basenji navigating weave polls - G. Woodard

Versatile Basenji Program

This program seeks to create enthusiasm for training and working with Basenjis in all endeavors: conformation showing, athletes and pets as well as by recognizing outstanding achievements.  In designing the Versatility program the Committee adopted the definition that Versatility is the ability of a dog and handler to accomplish a variety of things.  BCOA, through this program recognizes lifetime accomplishments of a dog.  Click the Versatile Basenji Program link to view this page.



Tri-color Baesnji puppyBasenji Honor Rolls

The Honor Rolls are maintained to celebrate the achievements of outstanding Basenji Stud Dogs and Brood Bitches.  The most recent Honor Rolls of top producing Basenjis with offspring winning AKC conformation championships can be seen by clicking the links for Stud Dog Honor Roll or Brood Bitch Honor Roll in the menu at left.  The Performance Honor Rolls are based on the titles in obedience, agility, coursing, racing and tracking won by the offspring of the stud dogs and brood bitches.  Click the link at the left to visit the regularly updated Performance Honor Rolls.


Basenji running with joy - Photo: G. WoodardPublications

The Club has three publications: the quarterly Bulletin, the eight times yearly Bulletin Board and the annual Roster of Members as well as this website.  The printed publications are all three received by all BCOA members.  The quarterly Bulletin can be purchased by non-members.  Read more about them by clicking to link to Publications in the About BCOA section.

Rescue Information

The BCOA has members interested in helping those who may have dogs in need of new homes.  The volunteers will try to help you resolve problems you are having with your Basenji before offering help to find a Basenji a new home.  Additionally, if you would like to adopt a Rescue Basenji to join your family, contact a Rescue volunteer.  Find the rescue story and visit the Rescue Directory at link to Rescue Information in the About Basenjis section.

Basenji OutreachPublic Education

The Outreach Committee provides educational information and resources to the potential Basenji owners.  They have developed the information in Is A Basenji Right for Me? and Screening Breeders. The best place to learn about Basenjis beyond this website is from responsible breeders who will educate inquirers about the accountabilities of dog ownership in general and will also provide information about the specifics of Basenji ownership and breed-specific health issues.  A responsible breeder wants the relationship between adoptive families and their Basenji to be successful and will provide inquirers with accurate information regarding the Basenji temperament, health issues, grooming, and exercise needs.  This program educates the public with the specific purpose of guiding and assisting potential puppy buyers towards finding responsible breeders.  If you would like to assist this Committee or have suggestions for the Committee, contact the Chairperson.


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